Neurodiversity and Relativism

There’s a relatively new movement in the communities of people who deal regularly with autism and related conditions that’s assigned themselves the term “neurodiversity” as a shorthand reference to their commitment to affirming atypical neurological conditions as equally . . . . Continue Reading »

Romney In Florida Tonight

The speech wasn’t as aggressively awful as his Iowa Caucus night speech, but his reworked stump speech still isn’t much good.  He is trying to run as human placebo.  He needs to kill a couple of lines that he has fallen in love with.  I’m talkinng about lines like: . . . . Continue Reading »

Has Anyone Seen the Coriolanus Film Yet?

Those of you in the big markets, do go out and see this new adaption, by Ralph Fiennes, of the classic Shakespearean presentation of republican manliness and its tragic pitfalls. Here’s a brief Christian meditation on the film. And here are my somewhat pessimistic expectations for it that I . . . . Continue Reading »

Rocky Mountain Democracy

Some legislators in Colorado have filed suit to overturn the Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights , a cap on spending and taxation that requires voters to approve increases directly by way of a referendum. It’s a sign of the times. As the post-War middle class dominated social and . . . . Continue Reading »

The Genetics of Same-Sex Attraction

Perhaps the fact checkers were on vacation or simply dozing on the job. Whatever the reason, thanks to the venerable  New York Times , I can now add another illustration to my argument in ” Same-Sex Science ” ( First Things , February, 2012) that science is often misrepresented in . . . . Continue Reading »