I noted this morning that the Obama HHS mandate has contributed to a crumbling of the Catholic left, and Matt Cantirino offered further evidence of that crack-up in the form of a column by E.J. Dionne. Now I see that even secular stalwarts are backing away from the administration’s decision. Here’s New York  mag’s Jonathan Chait :

I think one relevant point here is that, by the standard of medical care, contraception is not terribly expensive. It’s not the sort of cost you need to insure against. If all medical care cost what contraception costs, there would be no such thing as “health insurance.” We would all just pay for it out of pocket.

Now, to be clear, I think the Church’s prohibition on contraception is absurd, and I’d like contraception to be as easily available as possible. But the importance of contraception to health insurance is relevant because the broader question is sorting out the line between a religious organization’s right to its own theology and the rights of nonbelievers, and the burden of sacrifice here seems out of whack.

I would bet that an increasingly isolated Obama administration is now considering the politics of a reversal.

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