As the all “girl”/women band Raining Jane puts it in their song “ Incline ,” it is hard to be true and honest when one finds oneself in struggle uphill. One ought to be open to the incline.

In this song, Raining Jain attempts to present such a struggle uphill in the form of catchy pop music. These are some talented women musicians who ought to be listened to. Not that they should be listened to in some prefigured “Lilith Fair” feminism, though they would probably accept such organized sentiment at least in part. However, while their music may not be against such institutional sentiment, they seem to rather present a case for “inclining” upwards in terms of “waking up at noon” that has little to do with ‘90s feminist marketing. Besides waking up at noon is surely a bachelor’s prerogative. They understand the uphill battle both as women and as all of us in modern society.

The waking up at the “crack of noon” is usually the province of hardcore beatnik male types like the great Tom Waits. Raining Jane gives an honest account of waking up at noon with aplomb, albeit from a woman’s perspective. Nonetheless, they speak against the worthiness of such alienated, if artistic, productivity that takes its cues from noon as being the morning.

They do not glorify waking up at noon. Their song (and other songs) shows the need to wake up much “earlier”—especially if “we” are heading uphill. This “we” has consequences and must entail a responsibility borne of not wishing to wake up at the “crack of noon.” The song is true in that way. It speaks of a hill that must be climbed.

Having woken up at noon (in hotel rooms), they understand why it is difficult to speak of a time in which one must be responsible.

Raining Jane make a catchy song, to be sure, but it is also about the right side of an “incline.” If only (male) “hipsters” could hear it.

I thought I would relate a few good words of the all girl band Raining Jane. Here are some talented women musicians and singers who know how to make a catchy song that raises an issue that is both right and difficult.

Too bad I could only find an iphone Youtube version of it. The sound and video is not good. I learned of Raining Jane from Peter Himmelman’s late online show, but Raining Jane is still worth checking out as a band. So you might find it there.

Update: Look for Raining Jane on Peter Himmelman’s late lamented  show here. And if you scroll down to Raining Jane, and hit play you will have to wait through good Peter Himmelman songs and raconteur. Still wait until the second song that Raining Jane plays. That’s the one I’m talking about. Of course “Incline” is found on itunes for 99 cents.

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