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Random Saturday Things

Here is my big thought on the recent noteworthy study that only seems to diss conservatives. I agree with Joe in the thread and others that this election is shaping up to be a lot like 2004, which means the election will be close and decided in Ohio and Florida. It might also mean that the campaign . . . . Continue Reading »

“Third Generation” Futile Care Theory

They keep wanting to force very sick patients off of wanted life-extending treatment.  Known as futile care theory, medical futility, “inappropriate care,” and a few other names, the idea is to withdraw wanted life-sustaining and other potentially efficacious treatments based on the . . . . Continue Reading »

Library of Law and Liberty Listening

For those traveling this weekend or otherwise disposed to listening, the Library of Law and Liberty makes available nearly all of its audio content. To give you an idea, below is an excerpt introducing a podcast featuring Russell Hittinger on Jacques Maritain’s Scholasticsm and Politics : . . . . Continue Reading »

Faith Does Not Require Freedom

Former Senator Rick Santorum has an interesting piece at Real Clear Religion about the difficulties in being a faithful Catholic in politics.  I don’t know about that. But he makes a statement that, based on history and current events, I think is patently false. From . . . . Continue Reading »

The Intelligibility of Tradition

Anamnesis , a kind of peer-reviewed offshoot of Front Porch Republic, has an interesting essay on Newman and Aristotle. The former, Dwight Lindley argues, followed the latter’s categories of thought in developing his well-known theses about education, character, and knowledge, especially with . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Nathaniel Peters on the virtues of the speakeasy : If you go down St. Mark’s Place, between First and Avenue A, you’ll find a hotdog place–Crif Dogs, to be exact. If you go into Crif, you’ll see a counter at the end serving hotdogs. Two old arcade machines sit on the right. On . . . . Continue Reading »

Education and Ideology in Oklahoma City

A great example of the inefficiency and blindness to reality that an inflexible commitment to the mythical “separation of church and state” can entail: via Mirror of Justice, we learn that Oklahoma City is currently in the midst of a debate over whether to fund and construct an expensive . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 3.30.12

From Labor Camp to Cuba’s Cardinal David Ariosto,  CNN Meet the Stem-Cell Treatment Watchdog Carl Elliott,  Chronicle of Higher Education Building a Monastery the Medieval Way Angelika Franz,  Der Speigel The Coming (Small) Apocalypse(s) Rod Dreher,   Real Clear Religion . . . . Continue Reading »



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