Over at Public Discourse (published by the Witherspoon Institute, where I work), you can already see tomorrow morning’s article, the first of a three-part series by Greg Forster, titled ” Evangelicals and Politics: The Hundred Years’ War .”  I think it’s very thought-provoking, and I look forward to the remaining installments.

I find much less thought-provoking Greg’s post just below , in which he accuses me of being “inquisitorial” and just all-around unfair to Richard Grenell (the correct spelling of his name), recently named foreign-policy spokesman to the Romney campaign.  Fortunately, all the evidence of the unwisdom of this appointment is contained in the NRO Corner posts to which Greg links, and in the links therein.  I particularly commend to readers’ attention the links to Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post , and to Grenell himself at the Washington Blade .  Readers, it’s your call whether I engaged in an unjust “personal diatribe,” or whether I have dealt the defense of marriage a setback here.

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