Take a look at this video , of a sixteen-year old who videoed herself criticizing the Obama and general liberal stance on gay marriage.  Innocuous, civil, standard-issue conservative commentary on the subject, really only distinguished by the commentator’s youth and her quoting Billy Graham. It went viral for some reason.

And You Tube banned it!!!

This must be a mistake, right? A rogue decision-maker, right?

They can implement what policies they want; the First Amendment only protects us against government abridgement of free speech. But they should remember that given enough actions like this, talk among conservatives of a boycott, and of an alternative video-sharing platform, will snowball.

UPDATE:  Good news:  Monday morning, You Tube decided the video wasn’t to be banned.  Some details at the same link (Big Government) . . . no clarification on the decision process, though.

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