Well, here’s what’s in the new (April-June) issue.

A symposium on American statesmanship (on Madison [was that guy consistent on the Bill of Rights or not?]), Franklin, and Lincoln (and his profoundly amateur love of Shakespeare). There are contributions from Jeremy Bailey, Christopher Baldwin, Rafe Major, Marc Landy, Richard Ruderman, and Bill McClay

AND there’s the hugely important essay Pierre Manent read at Baylor: “Political History and Political Philoosphy: Making Sense of the West”

NOT TO MENTION Dan Mahoney’s authoritative reflections on Pierre on “the wellsprings of Western Liberty.”

LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEAST: There’s a long, subtle, and sensitive review by Paul Seaton on J. (the Bud Man) Budziszewski on natural law.

Name another journal that has so much GREAT STUFF in a single issue. Well, you can’t.

One of our future issues will be devoted to TRUE GRIT STUDIES—We already have some great authors, like ME, Carl, and Hancock. But we could use a couple more.

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