Yes, it’s true. I love New York, and for all sorts of reasons, among which is Mayor Bloomberg.

Matthew Cantirino’s posting draws attention to the ironies of Bloomberg’s neo-puritanism. When it comes to abortion we’re not to invade anybody’s private choices: “our bodies, our choices.” But sugary soft drinks (or more accurately corn syrupy soft drinks)? Well, that’s a different matter.

Well put, but some further thoughts.

America has always been a place with a purpose, a city on a hill, a beacon of democracy, the land of the free, and etc., and etc. As postmodern skepticism about the possibility of deep, robust truths takes hold, we’re disoriented. What are we to be FOR! What are we to be passionate ABOUT!

The answer is typically recycling. Bloomberg sees an opportunity in calorie counting, having conquered the wicked demon tobacco earlier in his tenure as mayor.

So there it is: postmodern moralism. Recycle! Locally sourced food! Electric cars! No cigarettes! No fatty foods! Use sun screen!

It’s small, very small, but it’s nonetheless urgent, and sometimes effectively so. The success of the campaigns against smoking, at least among the upper half of society puts the lie to the notion that certain social trends are “inevitable.”

I’ve heard countless liberal friends say that we “can’t turn back the clock” on the sexual revolution. I wonder. If half the energy was put into encouraging chastity that is now expended encouraging recycling, or, if Mayor Bloomberg has his way, controlling appetites for Coke and Pepsi, I’d bet that social attitudes and behavior toward sex, marriage, divorce, and having children would change.

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