The Occupy orcs are back demanding free this and free that, while at the same time, seeking to destroy the very means and systems by which such services and wages could be paid.

But for our purpose, the Occupiers want ecocide criminalized, so we can treat the earth as a living being and put environmental developers and land users in jail where they belong!  From ”The Global May Manifesto” (eye roll) published in The Guardian:

We demand policies that function under the understanding that our changing patterns of life should be organic/ecologic or should never be. These policies should be based on a simple rule: one should not spoil the balance of ecosystems for simple profit. Violations of this policy should be prosecuted around the world as an environmental crime, with severe sanctions for those convicted.

So much for generating the wealth to buy the free goodies.  I guess we are supposed to be 9 billion hunter/gatherers, or just gatherers.  And then, it’s on to ecocide!
We demand the creation of international environmental standards, mandatory for countries, companies, corporations, and individuals. Ecocide (wilful damage to the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity) should be internationally recognised as a crime of the greatest magnitude.

I am sure that the earth mother of the Ecocide Movement, Polly Higgens, is very proud that the orcs have been confirmed into her new earth religion.  Hallelujah!

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