First Links — 6.29.12

A New Apostolic Movement? Gregory Metzger,  Books & Culture The Wisdom of Holy Fools Joe Simmons S.J.,  The Jesuit Post The St. John Fisher Missale Fr. Tim Finigan,  Hermeneutic of Continuity The Flaw in Jefferson’s Idea of ‘Ward Republics’ Will Hoyt,  . . . . Continue Reading »

Please Support Our Work

Dear Readers, First Things is a non-profit. For more than twenty years readers have provided donations that have sustained the journal. Now the electronic age presents new challenges. I’ve written to our subscribers, who have responded with generosity. Now I’m writing to you directly on . . . . Continue Reading »

The Power to Tax

I’ve been reading the “The Roberts decision is not as mad and bad as you think” essays this evening.  I offer you this by Joshua Hawley,  this by Paul Rahe and this by Timothy Dalrymple.  A positive way of looking at today’s SC decision is to say that we never . . . . Continue Reading »

Quick Thoughts at JFK

1. While sitting at JFK waiting for a plane, I realized that Carl, Peter, and Pete were on to something in their discussion of deferential, minimalist judicial activism. 2. All day I kept thinking of the Art. I provision requiring all bills for the raising of revenue to originate in the House. On . . . . Continue Reading »

I’m Still in VA, Visiting…But…

It appears that I’ve been punished for saying that judicial activism through judicial restraint is impossible. I’m okay with Roberts working hard to find a way to uphold the law rather than strike it down 5-4. But in this case his method seems to have been to mangle the plain sense of . . . . Continue Reading »