On John Roberts

This is an expansion of something I wrote in a thread: If Roberts really thinks that the federal insurance purchase mandate is constitutional, then he he ought to sleep well. If Roberts ruled in favor of the mandate as some kind of act of judicial statesmanship (well . . . maybe it will get . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real Majority Opinion On Obamacare…

isn’t necessarily the Chief Justice John Roberts-written opinion - or rather it is necessarily going to be the Roberts-written opinion for very long.  In his majority opinion, Roberts wrote that the interstate commerce clause does not give Congress the power to mandate that individuals . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Leroy Huizenga on real liturgical renewal : Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it, teaches Proverbs. For me, this has been the case regarding worship. I was raised a Lutheran, in an older, established congregation belonging to what would become the . . . . Continue Reading »

Sweet Land (and Church) of Liberty

George Weigel, commenting on Theodore Maynard’s The Story of American Catholicism , highlights the commitment that early American Catholics had to religious freedom: Because of their own theological tradition, Maryland Catholics (and their brethren in Pennsylvania) could have embraced . . . . Continue Reading »