Rat Breakthrough in Paralysis Research

Those who oppose animal research have to defend against this kind of very hopeful experimentation. Scientists have restored feeling in paralyzed rats using electrical and chemical stimulation of injurd spinal cords. From the MSNBC story:Scientists in Switzerland have restored full movement to rats . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Peter J. Leithart on the ecumenism of communion : It is common in every branch of the church for some believers to exclude other believers from the Lord’s table. Some Lutherans will commune only with Christians who hold to a Lutheran view of the real presence. Some Reformed churches require . . . . Continue Reading »

Obama Ad Deceives About Birth Control

A new Obama campaign ad, Dreams of Our Daughters—get it, a take off of Obama’s bio, Dreams From My Father—depicts a mother with two daughters going through a happy day.  (It is amazing how men barely exist in Obamaland, but I digress.)  The Mom speaks about her . . . . Continue Reading »

An Ad and Its Critics

In a recent political ad , Catholics Called to Witness (CC2W) tells Catholics to look at all of the issues facing America this November (including energy, jobs and the economy). Among these issues are gay marriage, abortion, and religious freedom/the contraceptive mandate. Near its end, the ad . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 6.1.12

Some Commentary on the First Circuit Ruling Ed Whelan, Bench Memos Budziszewski Rejects the ‘Siege Perilous’ Nathaniel Peters, Public Discourse Watch Out for Pro-Life Millennials Luke Moon, Juicy Ecumenism Subsidiarity: Not Simply a Cavil Against Government Programs Peter Brown, The . . . . Continue Reading »

The Value of Art

Alexandra Peers  has a wonderful review  of Michael Findlay’s new book,  The Value of Art , in the  Wall Street Journal : A decade into the 21st century, no clear movement or style has emerged to mark contemporary art. No Impressionism, Modernism, Minimalism—no single . . . . Continue Reading »