No Spin

This is a great day for President Obama.  The argument against Obamacare from constitutional norms has been fatally wounded to the extent of winning over persuadables.  To the extent that pesuadables (especially fairly low information persuadables), feel in-their-bones that the government . . . . Continue Reading »

I Was Right: Obamacare Upheld

It appears that the Supremes have rewritten the law in order to uphold it.  They simply call a penalty a tax, even though it was expressly stated not to be a tax. Why?  Precisely for the reasons I predicted: The Supreme Court has vastly expanded the power of the federal government since . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 6.28.12

At the Door of the Temple Bishop Philip Tartaglia, Public Discourse Circumcision Ruling Condemned as “Minefield” Kate Connolly,   The Guardian Americans Losing Confidence in Everything but Themselves? Mark Penn,  The Atlantic The Jesus Seminar Goes to Hollywood Tim . . . . Continue Reading »

Please Support Our Work

Dear Readers, First Things is a non-profit. For more than twenty years readers have provided donations that have sustained the journal. Now the electronic age presents new challenges. I’ve written to our subscribers, who have responded with generosity. Now I’m writing to you directly on . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimp Commits Chimpicide

An adult chimp has killed a baby chimp at the LA Zoo. From the story:The first chimpanzee baby born at the LA Zoo in 13 years was mauled to death Tuesday by an adult chimp in front of a crowd of visitors, including children, zoo officials said. Did the baby chimp have a “right to . . . . Continue Reading »

The Personal Burke

Brian Doyle investigates Edmund Burke’s personal life  in this month’s American Scholar . Though almost everyone of a certain cultural-political persuasion “claims Edmund Burke as his patron saint, political forefather, lodestar and compass point, ancestral bulwark against . . . . Continue Reading »

Judicial Activism

1. I certainly wouldn’t mind abandoning the phrase, although someone should send the memo to Heritage (for example). 2. Judicial activism is becoming more nonpartisan or transpartisan as a concept. Our friend Ross Douthat writes today that conservatives should be happy that liberals are . . . . Continue Reading »