German Judge Outlaws Circumcision

Religious freedom is supposed to be a touchstone of liberty. But many secularists so disdain faith that they refuse to abide by the principle—or more commonly, attempt to shrink its parameters to a very limited “freedom of worship.” Now, in the aftermath of the . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

George Weigel on the Fortnight for Freedom : At this critical moment in history, there are two social justice priorities for the Catholic Church in the United States: the defense of life at all stages and in all conditions, and the defense of religious freedom for all. During this Fortnight for . . . . Continue Reading »

Obamacare Ruling Wait Driving Us Crazy!

Tomorrow is the big day in which we learn whether the U.S. Government now rules rather than governs us.  If Obamacare is upheld, what remains of the old order of limited government will be swept away and a new regime of top-down technocratic rule will become firmly entrenched, a system that . . . . Continue Reading »

Integrity (Physical and Otherwise)

The United States isn’t the only country seeking to restrict religious liberty. A German court has ruled that circumcision is illegal unless done out of medical necessity, calling it a “severe and irreversible interference into physical integrity.” I wonder if abortion is an . . . . Continue Reading »

Prodigal Son in F

Feeling footloose and frisky, a feather-brained fellow forced his fond father to fork over the family finances. He flew far to foreign fields and frittered his fortune feasting fabulously with faithless friends. Finally facing famine and fleeced by his fellows in folly, he found himself a . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 6.27.12

Democracy as Concentration Matthew Flinders,  Oxford University Press Blog Democracy as Distraction Louis René Beres,   Oxford University Press Blog A Fresh Conversation and a New Magazine Tony Rossi, Patheos Universities and the Medieval World: An Economist’s Take Davide . . . . Continue Reading »

Please Support Our Work

Dear Readers, First Things is a non-profit. For more than twenty years readers have provided donations that have sustained the journal. Now the electronic age presents new challenges. I’ve written to our subscribers, who have responded with generosity. Now I’m writing to you directly on . . . . Continue Reading »

I Know What Judicial Activism Is

. . . because Matt Franck schooled me on it years ago, in a 2006 NRO piece : Activism, I think, can be pretty neutrally defined as the wrongful use of the power we call judicial review. (Not its wrongful non-use, though . . . ) I don’t agree with Franck down the line on con-law (although . . . . Continue Reading »