John P’s review below is exceptionally fine. Peter O’Toole is, of course, one of our most subtly manly actors. MY FAVORITE YEAR, for example.

Movies I’ve seen lately.

MEN IN BLACK 3—no alien character development at all (the strength of the first one).

BLUE LIKE JAZZ—pretty clever on showing how, at Reed College today, the only folks that have to stay in the closet are believing Christians, especially believing Baptists. Clever enough on education that dogmatically denies the God option becomes vain and trivial. But overall preachy, and not about real Christianity.

THE REAL EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL—you’ll wish it were better. An ensemble movie that also lacks character development and really good performances. Still, some of the old folks do end up moving you some. A great idea for a movie, and a really great idea for a hotel.

MOONRISE KINGDOM—the most remarkably made movie in a long time. It depends so much on startling and brilliantly crafted visuals and very strange choices of music that it’s above my pay grade to even attempt to review it on one viewing. Reasons you should see it: It’s based on THE TEMPEST in some ways. It’s a fantasy that criticizes what the 60s did to civilized eros—especially the damage done to children. As good as RUSHMORE. More so, gotta go.

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