1. I have to say that Pete’s last two posts display a very singular integration of his personal experiences etc. into his policy analysis. He’s ready to turn pro and needs an agent. I, of course, will plagiarize the heck out of the development of informed conservative opinion on health care next Wednesday. The problem: We may well have (for those who have employed-based health care) the best system in the world, but it’s somewhat unjust and certainly unsustainable. No candidate can tell the truth that things have get somewhat less good for everyone when we privatize or individualize in some way.

2. I was going to the movie about the new birth of freedom Lincoln gave us through vanquishing those vampires last night. (And I’m waiting for Bob Cheeks’comments on the injustice done to the vampires.) But at the last minute we swerved and saw ROCK OF AGES. It’s worth seeing. Tom Cruise is hilarious, as is, in my opinion, turning those stupid Eighties rock tunes into a musical.

3. Thanks to Carl for doing the book on one of the most chilling movies I’ve ever seen—much scarier than vampires because those bleeping’ communists actually dominated a large part of the earth at one time.

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