Some say that Obama’s support of gay marriage will be the spanner in the works of his reelection campaign:

“I believe that this will lead to President Obama being a one-term president,” said NOM president Brian Brown, during a call with reporters. “If you look at key swing states—Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa—those are all states where you had overwhelming majorities vote to protect marriage, and I think that we are going to focus on making very clear that this is a key distinction . . .

Conrad Black, with his characteristic rhetorical flair, argues that it will be the economy’s abysmal performance:
The effort to distract the country from this indefensible record with claptrap about a Republican war on women, a papist plot against access to contraception, legal semantics about same-sex relationships, and other red herrings, has failed. The bag of tricks is empty, the well is dry, and the sands are running out. Unless Willard M. Romney drowns in platitudes, or proves a greater Gatling gun of self-inflicted wounds than Barry Goldwater, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, John Kerry, and John McCain combined, the chalice he has so ardently sought but the country is not enthused to give him will be his.

Read his article, “Germany and America Lead,” here .

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