More impressive—and far more courageous—than any of the predictable, crass attempts at politicizing the Colorado shooting (a project now  being joined , unfortunately, by some religious voices), is  this rather remarkable act :

Colorado Community Church will host [church member Gordon] Cowden’s funeral later this week.

“When it appears that there’s no hope and no peace . . . we come to you,” prayed song leader Chris Lang.

Pastor Robert Gelinas started Sunday’s service by asking how many in attendance were personally impacted by the tragedy. More than a dozen hands went up. In the aisles and pews, fellow worshipers huddled around those suffering the most.

“As we put our hands on their shoulders, let the spirit draw near and be closer to them than they ever imagined,” he said above loud sobs.

Rev. Gelinas had another request which he admitted was, “not going to be easy.” He asked his flock to pray for the alleged gunman, James Holmes, and his family.

“Only God is the righteous judge,” he said. “Only God knows how to blend justice and mercy and grace in perfect balance.”

(article via  Sarah Pulliam Bailey )

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