George Weigel on the reasons for “partisanship” :

“Partisanship” that concedes no possible rectitude or good will to the other party is obviously problematic; so is the self-righteousness and bullheadedness that help explain congressional gridlock. Yet there are at least two other reasons for what is often deplored as “partisanship,” and those reasons are worth pondering in the summer before a national election.

Also today, Elyssa Koren and Meghan Grizzle on a person-centered response to HIV/AIDS :

The XIX International AIDS Conference took place in Washington, DC, July 22–27. The meeting occurs biennially, bringing together scientists, experts, and civil society actors in the largest conference on any health or development issue. The official theme of this year’s conference was “Turning the Tide Together.” However, it was the “Condomize!” campaign sponsored by UNFPA and the Condom Project in collaboration with Durex, UNAIDS, and several other organizations that set the predominant tone for the six-day event