I am writing an e-book about the anti humanism of the Green movement.  More on that as it is ready to come out.  But for the moment, let us note what Patrick Moore—an early mover and shaker at Greenpeace before disassociating himself with the radicals—has said about the contemporary environmentalist movement. From a Washington Times interview:

In order to remain confrontational as society adopted all the reasonable demands, it was necessary for these anti-establishment lifers to adopt ever more extreme positions, eventually abandoning science and logic altogether in zero-tolerance policies. In addition, with the ending of the Peace Movement, which was decidedly left-wing politically and essentially anti-American, many peaceniks moved into the environmental movement brining their far-left agendas with them. This was very unfortunate as environmentalism by nature should be down the middle politically. Nature is not left or right and there are good ideas on both sides of the political spectrum, in particular market-based policies on the right and environmental regulations on the left. A balance of these two approaches would be optimum.

The “green” movement has not only become more hard line, they have also become irrational and fanatical.

Alas. Sad, but oh, so true.

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