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We’re Not Listening — Lilla and Levin

I read two articles yesterday about how little the Left and Right listen to each other.  One is thoughtful, by Yuval Levin in The Weekly Standard , ” The Real Debate “, Each party is pulled into this debate by what it sees as the deeply misguided views of the other. Democrats . . . . Continue Reading »

Who’s Not Giving Up on Romney?

Someone might say that the FIRST problem with Romney’s campaign is that he doesn’t seem to care about his most fervent supporters. Because he’s not trumpeting their issues, he’s creating the impression that those key issues are unimportant or unreal. As Carl says, genuinely . . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Give Up On Romney

It is still close enough that Romney could win.  The Romney team hasn’t given up yet.  We’ll know when the Romney team has given up.  It will be when anonymous Romney staffers start leaking to liberal-leaning news outlets that Romney is losing because of the Tea . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Peter J. Leithart on restoring theology as the queen of the sciences : While I’m at it, I’d like to get rid of another copulative. The founders of the modern world kept theology at bay by subdividing theology’s little ghetto. Divide and marginalize has been modernity’s strategy . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 9.28.12

For This Employer, Faith Is No Hobby Gerald Russello, National Catholic Register Stop Whining About Relativism—Take on the Experts Peter Lawler, Big Think Emergency Contraception Won’t Decrease Teen Pregnancies Greg Pfundstein, Public Discourse Bring Back Blasphemy Laws? James Bowman, . . . . Continue Reading »

My Take On The Polls

I basically agree with Ramesh Ponnuru. I think Romney is behind. I don’t think that Gallup and Fox News have joined the vast media conspiracy to demoralize Republican voters and I don’t think that they misplaced their calendars and still think it is 2008. But I don’t think Romney . . . . Continue Reading »



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