Transhumanists keep looking for ways to radically extend their lives. I keep telling them it is a fool’s errand, but they persist.  So, in the spirit of comity, I present a report in the Telegraph that could show male transhumanists now to gain a few extra decades. From the strory:

Researchers have shown that eunuchs living in Korea centuries ago outlived other men by a significant margin. They say their findings suggest that male sex hormones are responsible for shortening the lives of men. The evidence comes after study of genealogy records of noble members of the Imperial court of the Korean Chosun dynasty (AD 1392-1910). Kyung-Jin Min, of Inha University, said: “This discovery adds an important clue for understanding why there is a difference in the expected life span between men and women.”

Well, testosterone-brimming transuhumanists, how committed are you to the immortality quest?  This committed?

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