Joshua Genig on Benedict XVI in Lebanon :

Pope Benedict XVI did as he was bidden by Christ to do. And in so doing, in going where he was sent, he put a smile on the faces of those ravaged by war and bloodshed, and brought companionship and love to those who feel alone and on the margins of society.

However, the most remarkable portion of his visit seemed to have been the rally for youth where, as with previous papal journeys, thousands of young people gathered to listen to their Holy Father speak to them and pray for them. But something was different about this youth rally. It was, in a word, childish. And that was not a bad thing.

Also today, Allison Peller on Kristen Studioso’s latest art exhibit :

Not limiting herself to one specific medium, Studioso aims to reconceive how photography, video, and drawings are utilized in order to highlight and enrich the themes in her work. Contrary to what might be a first impression, Studioso does not aspire to make a statement, pro or con, on how technology affects our memories. Rather, she uses various mediums in atypical ways simply in order to demonstrate the endless possibility of interpretation from a limited number of definite objects, reflecting a similar variability found in the shared memories of a group of people. And just as varied accounts can provide an enriched view of one event, the numerous readings of the series enrich the drawings themselves and the series as a whole.