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Leroy Huizenga on the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” :

“Oh no,” I thought, “here we go again.” News of a long lost textual fragment which many will think could undermine traditional Christian faith is breaking, the latest in a long line of interesting discoveries sensationalized by the media into something supposedly subversive of traditional Christian faith. Whether the frenzy concerned the claims of  The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross , the  Secret Gospel of Mark , St. James’ supposed ossuary, or the  Gospel of Judas , when the smoke cleared, traditional Christianity was left standing.

Also today, Austin Ruse on how Planned Parenthood outwitted Komen for the Cure :

On the other side stood the highly controversial group Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country run by the equally striking Texan Cecile Richards, longtime darling of the farther left.

It is clear that Brinker never really had a chance against Richards. They were playing entirely different games and they ran organizations set up for entirely different purposes. One is a charity set up for cancer research, the other is a political operation well practiced in smash-face politics.



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