Russell E. Saltzman on memory and the Lord’s Supper :

The Lord’s Last Supper becomes “a real memory” for us, a real event we live through and are expected to remember as vividly as yesterday. It isn’t something Jesus did with his disciples in Jerusalem once upon a time. It is something he does with us, his disciples in these times.

We join him in the upper room. It is  we  to whom he speaks when he says he has longed to eat this Passover with us. He speaks to  us  when he says one of us will betray him, and it is to  us  he says he will not drink again from the cup until he drinks it anew in the kingdom, ushered in for us.

Also today, Timothy George and Thomas G. Guarino on a Christian partnership that bears fruit :

The work of Evangelicals and Catholics Together has continued unabated over the last twenty years, issuing documents pertaining to theological questions (such as the nature of justification) as well as those affecting the proper ordering of society (such as the rights of the unborn). ECT’s most recent statement, “In Defense of Religious Freedom,” details the infringements on religious liberty that have taken place around the world, as well as those which have emerged in the United States.