Enough with the New York-centric event commendations: Here’s something in Alabama. Readers within commuting distance of Beeson Divinity School (particularly those working in active ministry) may be interested in  this upcoming conference , co-sponsored by the National Pro-Life Religious Council, which aims to address pro-life work from the intersection of pastoral care and theological reflection. “Pastoral Praxis for Life” will be:

[A] unique pro-life pastoral-theological conference at Hodges Chapel. The conference will follow through on the claims of The Manhattan Declaration and focus on ways in which the church can become a more faithful witness for life. Speakers will be featured from the various organizations which make up the National Pro-Life Council. NPRC is honored to have Dr. Timothy George, the Dean of Beeson Divinity School, and Fr. Frank Pavone as the featured speakers for this event.

To round out the ecumenical palate, other featured speakers include Mrs. Georgette Forney, president of Anglicans for Life, and Dr. Dennis DiMauro of Lutherans for Life.

The seminar, which comes recommended by Paul Stallsworth, a close collaborator of Richard John Neuhaus, costs $25. Further information can be found  here .

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