Cost of birth control : depending on the method, between $15-50 a month

Pregnancy test : $5-$20

Human life: Priceless.

Just kidding. Only $1522. And you’re paying for it!

Keith Riler has published a new Planned Parenthood article in the most recent issue of the UK’s  Faith Magazine revealing PP’s unusually high 99% correlation between its abortions performed and its government funding. Though it remains somewhat unclear in his article what exactly he means by this 99% correlation, Riler reports:

Planned Parenthood’s abortions are very highly positively correlated with the amount of government funds received by the company, at 99% correlation. . . . These results contradict the oft-heard wisdom that Planned Parenthood’s government support is unrelated to its abortion business. At 99% correlation, Planned Parenthood’s government funding and abortions are statistically one and the same.

If recent claims in the new lawsuits brought by  Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defence Fund) and American Center for Law and Justice  are true, Riler says, Planned Parenthood may be fraudulently billing the government and funding abortions and abortion-related services with taxpayers’ money.
PPGC [Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast] also trained its employees to create fraudulent and misleading patient chart entries so as to obtain reimbursement for services for which WHP [Texas Women’s Health Program] and Medicaid would otherwise not allow payment. One notable example of this practice relates to PPGC policies for obtaining payment for abortion-related services. WHP, Medicaid, and some other government programmes do not allow payment for abortion-related services including “follow-up visits” after an elective abortion procedure. The following is a direct quote from a staff meeting memorandum given to clinic employees on 22 January 2009:

We must work these clients in! This visit is self-pay. Quote the self-pay price then ask if she needs any other services such as birth control. If she is interested, screen for WHP or Title XX and offer the WWE [Well Woman Exam]. If the client is getting on birth control  make this the focus of the visit  and put a note in the chief complaints that the client had a surgical or medical abortion “x” weeks ago.

If Planned Parenthood in fact defrauded taxpayers using “Post AB Visits,” then the correlation between Planned Parenthood’s abortions and government payments  should  be high because “post AB visits” must follow ABs (abortions). Statistically, it is hard to imagine that a 99% correlation between Planned Parenthood’s abortions and its government funding could reflect anything  but  a sustained and concerted effort. Such an effort would be illegal in many ways.

“When the 99% correlation is properly considered,” says Riler, “Planned Parenthood’s per-head abortion realisations increase to $1,522 per life , or $501.4m in 2010 . . .  Given that government payments are supposedly contraception-related, one would expect the contraception-funding correlation to have been higher. Not so.”

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