even as Obama’s RCP average job approval rating gets up near 50%,

1.  The economic fundamentals are still pretty bad.  Median income is still down.  The unemployment rate is both high and stagnant.  This is the raw material for a campaign message.  What Romney needs to get into his head is that the lousy economy is not a reason to vote for Romney.  It is a reason to listen to Romney.  If all people hear is “the economy is bad so vote for me”, then the median voter is likley to stick with the decent-seeming guy who isn’t doing a great job, over the smarmy rich guy who doesn’t respect you enough to give a coherent answer about why we should switch presidents.

2.  Romney’s campaign is having a lousy week, but his campaign is better than it looks right now.  The Romney campaign adjusts.  He will probably have better weeks than this.

3.  No matter who wins, we have to make the best of the moment (and every moment) and make the best choices from whatever unpleasant and shrinking choices we face.

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