My friend, former NLT blogger, Julie Ponzi, notes ” Tomorrow’s Democrat— Who Could Run in 2016 ” in National Journal .  Is it interesting that this is already a topic, a matter of concern already?  Hillary’s there, but at the end of the list, because no surprise.
I think I heard some of these people speaking last night and the most notable aspect of the speeches last night was the anger.  Did it sound to you as well as if an Orwellian Two Minute Hate session had gotten out of hand?  Up to Michelle Obama’s speech, which was kinder and gentler and put me to sleep.  My husband listen to the NPR commentary and one fellow said he hoped the party would be able to overcome the bad impression of so much hate; but E.J. Dionne, also commenting, was only hearing sweetness and light.

We don’t see ourselves as others see us, that’s clear.  Which brings me back to the list of those who “may breathe new life into the Democratic Party”.  It includes Elizabeth Warren and I didn’t know anyone was still taking her seriously.

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