Our friend, writer, and advisory council member Timothy George is representing the world’s Baptists at the Synod of Bishops now meeting for two weeks in Rome. The title of the Synod is the New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith, and Timothy was invited for obvious reasons.*

He is a “fraternal delegate” and expected to take an active part in the proceedings and, even cooler, is addressing the Synod tomorrow. I’ve asked if his talk will be posted anywhere and will pass along the link if it is.

* Just in case the reasons aren’t obvious, it’s because he’s thought deeply about evangelization (a.k.a. evangelism) and has a lot of experience in talking and working with Catholics. He’s the Protestant co-chairman of Evangelicals and Catholics Together and part of the international Baptist-Catholic Dialogue, among other things. If Baptists had cardinals, he’d be one of the men in red hats.

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