I’m an a**hole, but such as we can see only by starlight  I like to think I have something to say. So says the Smashing Pumpkins with which Carl would immediately say is stupid, because he is the go to guy on anything regarding music. Even if his historicist nonsense should not be called out. Despite his distinction between “rock” and “rock ‘n roll,” Carl has no idea what the hell he’s talking about. It is simply a distinction that allows for papers published in naïve journals, and I’m tired of reading this bulls**t. Okay maybe I’m being too harsh. Carl just needs to listen to the music! But he won’t.

But then what the hell does Carl Scott know about music? I’m tired of reading his “song book!” Give me a break! He really needs to give it a rest—especially when he links to his own prior posts as providing insight to the meaning of the music of which he speaks. He speaks of nothing. It is a Peckinpah dead eye nothing—to extrapolate the Smashing Pumpkins of the ‘90s music that Carl hates. Carl has dead eyes for the great big

I admit Carl loves music, but he needs to tamp down on the knowing pretension. His judgment (while knowledgable)  is partial, and he hasn’t yet seen the whole. So I boldly advocate for some caution on Carl’s part. But what the hell do I know, like Cathy Griffin to Jerry Seinfeld, Carl will use this post as more ammo. Or he will blithely continue with the insufferable song book. Enough.

UPDATE: I don’t think that Carl need to deal with the New Order song which denies divinity, but  he makes living to get high as the end.  Check out  this song.

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