I made many of my close friends—-and learned a good deal to boot—-at the first Love and Fidelity Network conferences, and so I’m happy to commend this year’s upcoming conference taking place on the Princeton University campus on November 2nd and 3rd.

The conference begins with dinner on Friday night and ends with dinner Saturday. A series of lectures, breakout sessions, and dinners with scholars like Mark Regnerus,  J. Budziszewski, Robert P. George, and Robert Oscar Lopez is tailored to provide college students with the intellectual resources and social support needed to argue for a public ethic of chastity.

The Love and Fidelity Network  is at the forefront of my generation’s rejection of the ethic of sexual autonomy for one of responsibility and commitment. Founded by 2007 Princeton graduate Cassy Hough and now headed by Caitlin Seery (another Ivy League grad who left a consulting job at Bain & Co. to take up her current post), LFN should be a point of hope for those who look at the wide public hostility to chastity and Christian marriage and despair.

Living a life of sexual integrity has never been easy, and it’s very far from a simple matter on today’s college campuses. Those who know current college students or recent graduates (who are also welcome) should refer them to the Love and Fidelity Network’s reservation page .

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