The Daily Beast reports:

After a marathon meeting to decide his fate, the board of trustees of The King’s College, a small evangelical college based in Manhattan, announced Thursday that conservative author Dinesh D’Souza had resigned as the school’s president. Former president and current chairman Andy Mills, who made the announcement to faculty and staff members, will return as interim president for a third time.

D’Souza  came under fire  Tuesday when  World  magazine revealed that he was engaged to a 29-year-old woman while still married to his wife of 20 years. D’Souza and Denise Odie Joseph allegedly shared a hotel room at a Christian conference in September, and D’Souza introduced her as his fiancee.

This scandal is one that implicates not just one man, but rather the entire Christian community. Whether it’s evangelical Churches who tolerate divorce and remarriage well outside any allowance that can be inferred from the Scriptures, or American Catholics who use annulments as “Catholic divorce,” we Christians have failed to spell out a clear discipline concerning divorce and remarriage. The wonder is not that D’Souza was allegedly engaged to and staying with a woman before his divorce was finalized, it’s that divorce and remarriage could become such routine features of Christian life in the first place.

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