. . . not THAT high, of course. I’m using the internet on a Delta plane on the way to Provo, UT, called by at least two French guys I know the most fascinating place in the Western World these days. I’ve been completely against allowing the internet to disturb the sanctuary that is the plane ride, but I’ve been known to flip-flop on my techno-principles. The Delta charge is also a rip-off.

So our Ralph is having a great conference on THE GOODS OF THE FAMILY: PROCREATION AND EROS. If you email me, I will tell you more. I assume many won’t be in the Provo area.

Reviewing the polls this morning, I have to conclude that it’s not quite a tie anymore. Romney has probably a real two-point lead.

Other interesting factoids: The Obama people are saying that they’ll pull it out with their ground game. The gender gap has disappeared. Romney has surged with women and lost his advantage with men. That might be because THE ECONOMY—and not foreign policy and “social issues”—is driving the election. This suggests, of course, that there’s a lot of wisdom in Romney’s managerial, mend-it-don’t-end-it mode of campaigning. The state-by-state polling still ain’t promising, but it may be lagging behind. One poll has a tie in Michigan.

Pete’s post below on Obama’s foreign policy through murder is important. The method is not only criminal, it’s inevitably ineffective, as Romney said in his best line in the last debate. Impeachment may be a stretch though.

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