Karen Walter Goodwin offers a brief review of Colleen Carroll Campbell’s book My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir , to be released on Tuesday, in which she “expresses dissatisfaction with ‘pat answers offered by both secular feminists and their anti-feminist critics.’”

She implicitly seeks a role in what Blessed John Paul II (in Evangelium Vitae )calls the “new feminism,” which the pope described as a culturally transforming feminism that doesn’t imitate models of male domination, but is inspired by the “true genius of women in every aspect of life and society.”

“Campbell,” says Goodwin, “aspires to help us discover for ourselves ‘the consoling truth too often forgotten in our individualistic age: that the pilgrim who seeks God never travels alone.’”

We will have the honor of hosting Colleen Carroll Campbell for a lecture and book signing on November 13.

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