If you enjoy the writing of the delightful Dr. Boli , you may want to buy his new book  for yourself or a loved one. The story follows a man who sets out to live a life of wickedness and, it seems, has some trouble. Call it pince-nez pulp:

The Crimes of Galahad  is a new novel destined to stand with the works of Henry Fielding, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Amanda McKittrick Ros as a permanent contribution to the literature of the English-speaking world. In it, Dr. Boli has not been afraid to plumb the darkest depths of the human soul.

Galahad Newman Bousted dedicates his life to evil at a young age. But will he succeed in his pursuit of pure wickedness, or will he be seduced by the many temptations to do good that stand in his way? Will he really carry out the monstrous crimes he has plotted? Can he possibly get away with them?

“Gripping.” — Industrial Vise & Grip Weekly.

“Shocking!” — Electrical Workers’ Local No. 278 Newsletter.

“Longer than  Frankenstein,  but shorter than  Moby-Dick. ” — Word Count Illustrated.

You can find it on Amazon for a very reasonable price .

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