R.R. Reno updates his ranking of theology programs :

Where’s the best place to do graduate study in theology? I’ve done some rankings in the past, first in 2006 and then again in 2009. A longer ranking with a more developed rationale appeared in the pages of First Things in 2010. Some friends prodded me recently: have I changed my mind? Yes and No.

Also today, J. Mark Bertrand offers a Christmas guide to buying a Bible :

When I started writing about the design and binding of Bibles several years ago, I anticipated an audience of three. Surprisingly, my “Bible Design Blog” struck a nerve with readers who were frustrated with the declining quality of Bibles today and wanted to discover some better options. While most of my readers buy their own Bibles, let’s face it: The best way to receive one is as a gift. If you want to give a Bible as a gift this Christmas season, here are some recommendations.