So for some reason my YouTube is not working. I wanted to watch Fr. James Schall’s final lecture, but my computer won’t read it. It has nothing to do with my usual tastes because I was able to see Jurgen Habermas on the idea of ritual at the Berkley Center, but I couldn’t see Fr. Schall’s last lecture for whom I was looking to hear.

I know something is wrong with my computer software because I wanted to link the Beatles’ song “I’m a Loser” from For Sale or Beatles ’65. I wanted to prick a balloon in Carl’s take on the pre-Revolver Beatles, in that with “I’m a Loser” the Beatles recognized the ambivalence of their fame and their own loserdome pretty early on. Talk about camp becoming kitsch speaking truth. I was able to link, but I was unable to see. So I’m flying blind here.

Since I have your attention, let me say why you should not waste your time with the movie Ted. A movie made by Seth MacFarlane, you may as well expect asinine humor, but unlike the ridiculousness of his TV show—The Family Guy—this movie has to be one of the worst comedy movies I’ve seen. Imagine silly Family Guy narrative non sequiturs extended for a 90 minute movie engrafted onto the usual romantic comedy where the guy smokes too much pot and can’t commit. Seth MacFarlane, Marky Mark and the lovely Mila Kunis couldn’t have wasted more money had they tried. But they did. Yuck.

On Facebook I expressed my contempt for Ted, and I received the most remarks I’ve ever received for a Facebook post. My friends felt it important to speak up in defense of that movie. In my remark about how bad that movie was, I also mentioned that Ted was so bad that I would almost rather be watching a TED talk. I also heard it from my friends that TED talks are “awesome.” I don’t like Ted and TED, but apparently these are important things. So apparently I don’t share much with my Facebook friends.

In order to be less contrarian, let me recommend a sentimental movie that Peter earlier mentioned. The Way—directed by Emilio Estevez, and starring Martin Sheen—this was an entertaining, but typical, journey. It was typical but entertaining. That said, movies are getting boring what with the HD “realism.” They look like 1970s TV shows. I’ve already seen Barney Miller.

I know I sound like Leonard Maltin in my movie recommendations, but that’s because I’m waiting for the release in 2013 of De Palma’s Passion .

I wish I could link to The Kinks’ “Nothing to Say” too.

So even if I can’t see it. I’ll link it!

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