George Weigel on a lost pastoral opportunity :

At their annual November meeting, the U.S. bishops failed to approve a pastoral message on the economy. “The Hope of the Gospel in Difficult Economic Times” was approved by a clear majority of the bishops voting, but objections raised in large part by retired bishops were sufficient to deny the document the supermajority it needed. All of which strikes me as a lost opportunity.

Also today, J. Augustine Di Noia, O.P. on blessings that flow far as the curse is found :

For this child, the road that begins in Bethlehem continues on to Golgotha, and beyond to glory. The enchanting beauty that surrounds us on this feast of the nativity of our Lord celebrates the glory of the champion of our salvation. But between the nativity and the glory there was the cross, the passion and the death of our precious Savior. With Mary we gaze with joy on the child over whose ruined body we shall later shed bitter tears. The Father of heaven and earth did not hesitate to allow his only-begotten Son to become the Son of Mary in order to make his blessings flow far as the curse is found.