Wesley J. Smith on how Mark O’Brien’s triumph had nothing to do with sex :

Mark’s true yearning was not for regular access to sexual release but for full inclusion in a society too often indifferent to the common humanity of its disabled members. Indeed, his personal   calling was to wage all-out war against society’s tendency to isolate the disabled and, concomitantly, to demand  respect , that simple but indispensable mutual acknowledgment that we owe each other as equals.

J. D. Flynn on Christ’s birth and our potential :

We’re now celebrating Christmas, a holiday and a season universally celebrated, and almost universally misunderstood. Christmas should be a scandal. The claim of Christmas is that because God became a human being, we can become like God. The scandal of Christmas is the scandal of our own divinization. Because of Christmas, my children—all children—have a lot more to look forward to than university. Because of Christmas, our hope is that we can share in God’s own life. Because of Christmas, the greatest human potential is not the potential to produce or to comprehend, it is the potential of our baptism—the potential to love as God loves.