Being and Taxes

A friend was talking to me recently. He observed that the post-election drama in Washington seems to be about more than taxes and spending. Everybody seems to feel that the stakes are high, and two visions of the future of America are being contested. “It’s . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Patrick J. Deneen on the destructive life of George Bailey : One sees a dark side represented by George Bailey himself: the optimist, the adventurer, the builder, the man who persistently hates the town that gives him sustenance, who craves nothing else but to get out of Bedford Falls and remake . . . . Continue Reading »

Grammar Lesson of the Day: Firstly

I’ve seen the adverbs  firstly, secondly, thirdly,  and so forth, used in texts that are pretty old, but there’s no reason for them. The forms aren’t logical, since  first, second, third, last  are already adverbs. They don’t need to have the  . . . . Continue Reading »

Ghosts and Miracles

“The problem with real ghosts, as opposed to the elegant fictional creations of the likes of MR James and Susan Hill, is that their behaviour is so erratic and irritating,” write the  Telegraph ‘s reviewer of a new book called  A Natural History of Ghosts . The book . . . . Continue Reading »