On the Square Today

R.R. Reno on the Christmas conspiracy : God does not call out sin and death to meet them on a grand battlefield. He undertakes a covert action, as it were, entering into human history by stealth as the child of a humble young woman who gives birth in a stable. Undercover, the lord of all foments a . . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Just Tell It on the Mountain

So our friends the Brothers Judd added to their excerpt of my post below the YouTube link to the Blind Boys of Alabama singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” It deserves to be, of course, the authoritative traditional version. Here’s my first musical link, my Christmas gift to each . . . . Continue Reading »

Shopping on Sunday

Every year, it seems, Christmas becomes more commercialized. In NYC this year, we started seeing Christmas decorations in stores in October. In  October . Christmas is starting to lap Halloween. I was thinking about this when I read that the Catholic Church in Italy is working to repeal that . . . . Continue Reading »

Holidays and Hobbits

Earlier this month I fell ill with the horrible flu that is going around and lying abed in misery decided not to pay too much attention to the news for sanity’s sake.  Of course, the space between not too much and no attention leaves plenty of room for discouragement and distress.  . . . . Continue Reading »

Herod and Sandy Hook

Among the great joys that will occupy our minds with family and friends celebrating the coming of the God-child, we will all bear significant sadness in our hearts for the families agonizing over the loss young children at Sandy Hook. Curiously, The Christmas season reminds us that such things . . . . Continue Reading »