Thanks to the “First Links” below, I see that Ross Douthat answered some of the critics of his ” More Babies, Please ” column before I got around to writing about it yesterday . But it would be really instructive to read Sarah Sentilles’ ” Do Not Have Sex with this Man ” at Religion Dispatches, and then turn to the three-part series by Helen Alvaré that concluded today at Public Discourse . Helen, whom I am proud to call my friend, displays the straightforward convictions and clear thinking that make moral courage look easy, and she dispatches, with laser precision, the argument that the alliance between Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration, in pushing the contraceptive mentality in public policy, is really in the best interests of women. Here are links to part one , part two , and part three of her series. Read them and consider whether cries of “misogyny” from the left should be given any credence at all.

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