From the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown:

Not long ago, I sent you an email hinting that NOM was getting ready to launch some major initiatives. Well, after participating in the March for Life last Friday, I am excited to announce that NOM is putting together a March for Marriage.

It will take place in Washington DC on March 26th — the day the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the Proposition 8 case. You can go to  and sign up for information and alerts today . . .

When I wrote you about some of NOM’s plans, I was boarding a plane to go to France to spend a week in Paris, offering whatever support and advice I could to the organizers of their recent marriage rally. I had the privilege of being in that town and witness  ONE MILLION  people gather to tell their government: “Children have a Right to A Mother and Father; Don’t Redefine Marriage!”

And, I have to say, it was incredible!

I was proud to march with pro-marriage brothers and sisters of every background — Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Jews; even some gay individuals who are against gay marriage! — all marching for a single, united purpose: to defend the commonsense truth that marriage is a unique union of a man and a woman, because children need their mother and father.

Thomas Peters, communications director of NOM, offered me this comment:

This is a tremendous opportunity to show our support for our most important social institution: marriage between one man and one woman.

It’s also a chance to exercise our core civil rights in defense of marriage, including freedom of speech, which would be threatened if laws protecting marriage were to be struck down by the Supreme Court and the false notion that pro-marriage beliefs are rooted in bigotry and animus is allowed to gain legitimacy.

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