So did the Sunday night comparison of GIRLS and DOWNTON (although I wasn’t given credit for THAT).

I’ve been on the road for reasons professional and personal the last couple of days, and so I haven’t been able to comment on Carl and John on why we pomocons—given how cultured, witty, and astute in every way we are—haven’t been discovered as the cure for everything that ails all the other inferior brands of conservatism these days.

We have more influential readers than they think, but I agree we don’t get the credit we deserve.

Our readers need to be more EVANGELICAL, for one thing. Never leave a POMOCON post without giving it a rousing FACEBOOK SHARE (which I hear is more potent than a mere FACEBOOK LIKE). The same with all the sharing devices you can think of.

And it’s up to our authors to be shamelessly self-promoting. They should share their more more memorable posts with others—such as the REAL CLEAR guys ( That works now and again for ME, and it can for you.

I’ll write more on this soon.

But I will close with the WHINE that nobody really understands us.

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