Today at Public Discourse , I discuss the Obama administration’s latest puff of smoke trying to sell its “compromise” on mandating employer coverage of sterilization, contraception, and abortifacients, in “ Deciding Who Gets Religious Freedom .”  Here’s a sample:

Now facing more than forty lawsuits initiated by colleges, charities, and other religious nonprofits, as well as by for-profit companies whose owners have religiously informed moral objections, the Obama administration may hope that its latest gambit will persuade some credulous judges to toss some of the litigants’ cases.

But in truth, it has only revealed its own blinkered and tyrannical understanding of religious freedom, which it would sacrifice to a goal of “gender equality” that is at best only tenuously related to its free-contraception-for-all policy. And, if the judges attend closely to its arguments, it may even have severely weakened its case.

You can read the rest here .

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