Wesley J. Smith on euthanasia’s euphemisms :

When a social movement must rely on euphemisms to obfuscate its goals, it is a good bet that there is something wrong with its agenda. From its very inception, euthanasia advocates have euphemistically bent language as a means of convincing society to endorse  killing —an accurate and descriptive term that simply means to end life—as an acceptable method of ending human suffering.

Also today, John Murdock recalls  Francis Schaeffer’s Christian environmentalism :
A crowd of about 35,000 had gathered near the Washington Monument during a cold blustery Presidents Day weekend in the midst of an unusually mild winter to prod the Obama administration to take actions against climate change. The largest climate action rally in American history had been scheduled for noon on a Sunday, not exactly a time chosen with regular church-goers in mind—though, undoubtedly, for some present the environmental cause would be the closest thing to a religion in their lives.