R.R. Reno on Garry Wills’ latest book :

Why Priests?  falls below his usual low standards. The main thesis is that priests ruin everything. They’re power-hungry monsters who’ve taken over the Church, destroying the affirming, companionable, and egalitarian message of Jesus. Moreover, the priestly fixation on ritual sacrifice adds a bloodthirsty, prosecutorial, and altogether primitive cast to Christianity, which Gary Wills promises to deliver us from, restoring for the first time in two millennia the original spirit of Jesus and his followers.

Also today, Filip Mazurczak interviews Tomasz Pompowski on Pope John Paul II :
A journalist since 1992, Tomasz Pompowski has worked as the deputy chief of the opinion sections of the Polish dailies  Polska  and  Dziennik . He is the co-founder of the prestigious weekly  Europa , the author of dozens of original articles about the history of the Cold War, and co-producer of the film  Nine Days that Changed the World  about the role of Pope John Paul II and Solidarity in the fall of communism. In 2012, he published his book  Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, and Solidarity: A Spiritual History of the Collapse of Communism . He is presently engaged in talks regarding publishing the book in English.