First Links — 2.25.13

Lost in the Cosmos at Thirty Peter Lawler, Big Think The Right’s Reefer Madness Peter Hitchens, American Spectator An Awful Loss, A Daunting Task Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner Post-Liberalism: Death of a Dream? Ted V. McAllister, University Bookman The Protestant Pope Nic Davidson, . . . . Continue Reading »

“We Are All Sedevacantists Now”

So say philosophy professors Pierre Dulau and Martin Steffens in a dismayed article for  La Croix , the semi-official paper of French Catholicism: Whatever may be the justifications we may give to this decision, the fact is there: this resignation by the pope is a catastrophe. It is an event . . . . Continue Reading »

If You Cannot Believe the President …

The biggest story this weekend concerning the nation’s financial condition and especially the sequester is the prevarication of the president. The other day the president made a speech wherein he bashed the Republicans for creating the frightening situation of the sequester. The government . . . . Continue Reading »


I will be giving a talk next Saturday morning in Chapel Hill as part of a Thomas International symposium on Walker Percy. You can easily GOOGLE the details, which I will link later. Here are some opening thoughts . . . . . Continue Reading »