Campus Free Speech and Sabotage

Many readers will be familiar with  Christian Legal Society v. Martinez , the Supreme Court’s 2010 opinion upholding the constitutionality of an “all-comers” policy at the UC-Hastings law school. The all-comers policy required student groups, including religious . . . . Continue Reading »

Religious Liberty on NPR

“If you value the work that religious enterprises do, if you value the free exercise of religion, then you’re going to at least be sensitive to regulatory mandates that impose new and often pretty burdensome costs on them,” our friend and writer Richard Garnett told NPR yesterday . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Wesley J. Smith on euthanasia’s euphemisms : When a social movement must rely on euphemisms to obfuscate its goals, it is a good bet that there is something wrong with its agenda. From its very inception, euthanasia advocates have euphemistically bent language as a means of convincing society . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 2.22.13

Guided by a Cloud Br. Joseph-Anthony Kress O.P., Dominicana The Godless Delusion Neilson MacKay, Arma Virumque Turmoil in a Closed Community Sam Leith, Times Literary Supplement The Next Pope and His Name David Gutterman, Jewish Daily Forward Times Obsession with Church Reaches New Heights The . . . . Continue Reading »